Silver Gelatin Prints,
58 x 70.9 cm,

The need for cognitive closure is a psychological term which describes the level of a person’s tolerance towards a concreat answer. In order to test whether one possesses a high or low need for closure, 5 variables are taken into consideration: If one has a need for order, predictability, unambiguity, decisiveness and close-mindedness, then a high need for cognitive closure is registered. Introducing any one or more of these variables into an artwork may result in the viewer being unable to appreciate the image being presented. ‘Untitled’ is a series of 7 silver gelatin prints with an unfinished and ambiguous storyline. This artwork was directly intended to address one’s need for closure.
“Too fragile and too valuable to be touched any longer…. Forever stalled, stranded inbetween a state of completion and incompletion” (Baum, p. 215)