Photo by:  Emily Josephine.

An early morning on Bens balconey in Germany
durin a Pineapple Road work weekend.
Reminder, get out of the city sometimes!

  Artist Statment

  Emma Grima is a Maltese visual artist currently working
between Malta and The Netherlands.

Her practice evolved alongside documentary photography and arts,
aligning with her strong social engagement towards womxn’s rights, sexuality,
identity and the erotic.

Bringing her vision to life through research, documentation and somatic movement,
she engages her audience by creating multi-modal platforms determined by the topic.

Working with other creatives, NGOs, critical thinkers, and organisations,
her scope is to create an impactful visual space where conversations can emerge
to help engage with stigmatised topics in a stand for change.

Emma is a recent graduate of The Royal Academy of Art,
The Hague (NL). In the process of starting up her own photo editng/lythography practice
with the assitance of Colour & Books and is a founding member of Pineappl Road Press,
an independent photography collective.

Artist CV 

Part of Pineaple Road Press